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Website Development

Enigma Websolution is a leading website development company. We mastered in Web Development Services in india. We believes in developing interactive, eye-catching, user-friendly and most importantly it must be fully functional and technically strong websites.

Here are some reason why websites fail to achieve its objective are:

  •   Take so much time to load page
  •   Browser Incompatibility
  •   Mobo Unfriendly
  •   Trust Factor

Front-End Development

Convenience, Compatibility, Navigability & Usefulness delivered to leave a strong impression

Great web presence needs highly competent front-end implementation. Our team of expert developers can transpose your cutting-edge graphic designs to clean W3C validated mark-up that turns out to be the best possible development solution for our clients.

Front-end Development areas we are expert in:

  • Highly functional interactive websites with user friendly interface & smooth navigation
  • Complex HTML 5 Animations, Gaming & custom interactivity
  • Feature-rich client applications with cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device functionality
  • User-friendly interface

Custom Web Development

Completely customised web solutions for your organization's different web requirements

We specialize in executing custom web development projects with 100% accuracy & perfectly matching to your business requirements. Our team is adept at using cutting-edge technologies to customise everything from the look & feel of front-end to expert back-end programming that results in a highly dynamic, fully functional & interactive web solution.

Custom Web Development areas we are expert in:

  •   Community driven sites
  •   Complex e-commerce
  •   Complex informational sites
  •   Multi-functional web portals
  •   Membership/Subscription sites
  •   Complex web applications

Open Source Platform Development

Deploying off-the-shelf development solutions to save time & money

We offer custom open source development services including content management solutions to ensure inherent flexibility & fast turnaround at an extremely affordable cost.

Open Source Platforms we are expert in:

  •   Wordpress -- Highly customizable CMS & blogging engine
  •   Drupal -- Feature-rich content management solution
  •   Joomla -- Best content publishing framework
  •   Magento -- Highly customizable & Best For E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce development

Perfect e-commerce solutions to give your customers the best shopping experience

We build websites that monetize your products in an effective way by giving the biggest market exposure to your business. From a beautiful user interface to easily manageable admin panel; integration of best payment gateway to ensuring highly secure transactions; we promise a 100% effective, fully-featured & flexible ecommerce solution to expand your customer base.

E-commerce Development Areas we are expert in:

  •   Magento - Magento Go
  •   Prestashop
  •   Shopify
  •   Woocommerce
  •   Opencart
  •   ZenCart


You can hire PHP developer services to ensure that you have a technically efficient web portal that is just right for your business needs. PHP is becoming the choice of developers and corporate clients as the medium to create fully scalable web solutions that are unique to your preferences. From application development to content management, we offer a host of PHP based services that are sure to provide you with the most efficient solutions for your corporate projects.

A few key features that are integrated as a part of our PHP development solutions are listed below:

  •   Creation of customized web content that is specific to your business demands and requirements
  •   Specialized programmers and developers to ensure optimized coding practices
  •   Implementation of PHP into MySQL for better database management features
  •   Feature rich dynamic web pages that offer an interactive feel to your customers Deployment and support for your web applications and modules after creation

There are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate PHP into your web portal and core business functions. In fact, it can even be used as a building block to create advanced application models based on your resources. Our skilled programmers and developers would help you achieve your required targets in an efficient and optimized fashion, free from any errors or hassles. Once you hire PHP developer, you can give life to a world of special applications for your corporate profile.


Lots of companies are looking to .NET developer to create a stable application framework for the deployment, customization, maintenance and support of a variety of applications pertaining to their business requirements. Microsoft has integrated the structural foundation of the .NET framework with a high degree of stability so you can use it for a variety of purposes. Our developers can work with you regarding specific requirements and create value added applications for your business. When you work with us, you can expect a high level of quality and superior development metrics.

A few of the core features that have been bundled with our .NET development are as follows:

  •   Opportunity to create a wide range of applications for different business functions
  •   Adaptation of the latest .NET framework to create scalable application models
  •   Integration of content, business analytics and security within the application
  •   Custom development schedule in compliance with your company policies and deadlines
  •   Maintenance and support of the framework along with associated databases

Our developers can help you track the project from the planning stages, so your suggestions and concepts could be implemented on an early basis. We have a flexible working environment that promotes quality and innovation in all of our applications. You can get superior quality products delivered to you within the required timeframe. After you .NET developer, you could distribute variety of business specific applications and content for all of your clients.


Starting out as a PHP based framework, CakePHP has won accolades for its features and ease of use from both developers and the business clients implementing it on a commercial basis. You can CakePHP developer to try out the framework on your own web portals and applications for the company. We have a dedicated team of developers and programmers who are well versed with CakePHP resources to ensure that you would get superior quality solutions for your business. Regardless of the size or nature of the project, we can help you deploy your applications in the most efficient manner.

Some of the key prospects and features of working with our CakePHP development team are:

  •   Additional functionalities such as authorization and form validation for your applications
  •   Industry standard functionality in an easy to use interface for the customers
  •   Superior database integrations requiring zero configuration from your end
  •   Compatibility ensured with both PHP4 and PHP5 depending upon your preferences
  •   Custom module development with option for Ecommerce integration

Using CakePHP, you can create customizable applications and portals that could add a lot to your business functions and brand value. Our developers would put in the best of efforts for complete customer satisfaction so you can be ensured of high level performance. Testing and optimization of the code is also a part of the roadmap so you would not be left with any redundancies. Once you CakePHP developer, you could have robust and dynamic websites whenever you want.


WordPress is the chosen tools for online blogs and websites for the leading corporations in the industry. It offers various features, allowing you to present your content in a professional and interactive fashion to your users and customers. If you feel that your WordPress site is missing something, you can WordPress developer to help you install additional functionalities into the system. We handle everything from the creation of custom websites for your company to the addition of special features that would lead to an overall increase in business productivity and performance.

Some of the core features offered as part of our WordPress development package are as follows:

  •   Installation of the latest WordPress version on your CMS for enhanced stability
  •   Integration of a professional theme best suited to your business practices
  •   Provision of several customization options including widgets and integrated plug-ins
  •   Installation of security features and protection from spam across the website
  •   Use of meta-tags and sitemaps to make your website more SEO friendly

We can include all these features as part of a brand new website or help you integrate your current solution and modify it for the better. We can even help in proper database management and backup to ensure that your WordPress site is free from all types of malicious threats. We also specialize in plugin development and theme design with complete technical support. You can WordPress developer to get the best design and development features packed under one platform.


You can Magento developer to integrate a feature rich Ecommerce platform into your business portal. Your financial gains could increase by a considerable margin if you deploy a shopping cart into the portal, turning it into a virtual storefront for your products and services. It is essential to choose the right platform in terms of stability, features and reliability making Magento a strong contender as a top level open source Ecommerce solution. When you implement Magento into your portal, our dedicated experts can help in an effortless and a beneficial transition.

Some of the core features and benefits that are included under the Magento development plan are:

  •   Multiple store functionality using a single admin panel for ease of use
  •   Easy import features for your stock and inventory details of the storefront
  •   Addition of customized modules depending upon your business specifics and requirements
  •   Enhanced shopping cart integration and multiple payment getaway options
  •   Advanced search engine optimization features designed for better exposure and higher rankings

Magento is slowly becoming the platform of choice for many corporations who want a stable platform with feature rich functions and an active community of users and developers. Our team of developers can customize the Magento experience for you, right down to the last detail to give you an enhanced shopping cart functionality that is easy to use. We can also help you track orders, create analytics and provide maintenance for the platform whenever required. As you Magento developer, your Ecommerce foundation becomes strong and reliable in front of your clients.


More and more companies are looking to OS-commerce developer so that they can get a fully integrated online store solution embedded onto their business portals. The prospect of an Ecommerce based virtual storefront is extremely appealing as it can be beneficial both for the customers as well as your products and service. Depending on the different value added features, OS-commerce has found a favorable place in the strategies of many businesses. Our developers can help you transform a winning strategy into a winning solution to achieve greater sales and profit margins.

Here are some of the primary features that you can expect as part of the OS-commerce suite:

  •   Complete support for multiple payment getaways and shipping services
  •   Enhanced database integration allowing you to deal with a large volume of products
  •   Advanced store management and administration functionalities for your business
  •   Option for customization and deployment of additional modules as per business specifics
  •   Strong security implementations to preserve sensitive customer data and details

We understand the importance of an Ecommerce platform to the overall functionality of a web based business portal. OS-commerce is a feature rich framework that can take care of all your primary needs without any hassles. Our experienced developers can help you shape up business functions and implement them as part of the framework. Everything from upgrades to maintenance and support would be taken care of by our professionals. When you OS-commerce developer, you get a powerful Ecommerce solution and custom additions at a negligible investment.


You can get a feature rich website once you Zend developer as it is a much more evolved framework based on the original PHP ecosystem. The advantages of using such a framework for your portal and web applications is the feature rich controls and close knit integration of modules that can lead to a stable and reliable website. We can help you set up a Zend based portal that is best suited for your business requirements. Our team of professionals can even add components specific to your business functions depending on your preferences.

Here is a brief list of some of the features you can expect as part of the Zend development roadmap:

  •   Large number of component based functionality to suit diverse industry needs
  •   Enhanced database integration for better access, control and security purposes
  •   High quality concise code that is free from errors and can deliver superior performance
  •   Stable platform with options for upgrades and maintenance in the future
  •   Custom development that lives up to the highest standards and practices

Once we are finished with Zend development, your website would have a feature rich boost that would still be extremely easy to view, access and operate. Our team of developers can always stay in touch to resolve all of your queries and issues if they arise at a later stage. If you are planning to choose a framework that puts performance as its top priority, you should Zend developer to get the best applications and web solutions for your business.


Joomla is one of the world's leading open source content management systems that have found appreciation and appeal in the corporate sector. You can hire Joomla developer to manage and publish content on the web, complete with a host of features to bring about an improvement in indexing and performance. We can help you make that transition by offering our specialized suite of services dedicated to bring about an improvement in the online content experience.

Some of our key features integrated as part of the Joomla development functions include:

  •   Installation of Joomla modules as per business requirements
  •   Development of Joomla custom design templates
  •   Development of business specific custom modules and extensions
  •   Integration and modification of existing design
  •   Debugging and maintenance work to provide portal support

When it comes to tweaking the Joomla platform for your business, our developers can create the most cost effective and efficient solutions for your enterprise. Addition of web services and integration of payment getaways are other features that can be included based on your preference. Our developers have years of experience with the system and can respond to your queries and issues whenever you want. Once you hire Joomla developer, you would see the positive changes when it comes to managing your content on the web.


If you are planning to work with Drupal, one of the leading CMS platforms in the industry, you need to hire Drupal developer that can help you customize the platform according to your business needs. We understand the need of content management for modern businesses and our professional developers would work closely to ensure that you have a comprehensive suite of features for your platform.

Some of our key functionalities when it comes to development of Drupal architecture is listed below:

  •   Drupal installation with complete modular setup
  •   Generation of themes and other customization options
  •   Development of platform oriented content exclusive to your business
  •   Design of shopping carts and Ecommerce solutions
  •   Complete support and maintenance coverage of the CMS platform

We understand the value of your content and can provide custom and efficient solutions that blend in with the Drupal design and code effortlessly. We also feature development of specific components and extensions that can be aligned with your business goals and objectives. Our developers have a lot of expertise and can help deliver your projects within the scheduled time frame. From constant support to top notch services, when you Drupal developer from our ranks, you can expect the very best of content management for your enterprise.


A web content management system (WCMS) is a software system which provides website authoring, collaboration and administration tools designed to permit users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to generate and administer the site's content with relative ease. A affluent WCMS provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation.

Most content management systems use a database to store content, metadata, or artifacts that might be needed by the system. Content is frequently, but not universally, stored as XML, to facilitate, reuse, and enable supple presentation options. A presentation layer displays the content to Web-site visitors based on a set of templates. The templates are sometimes XSLT files. Most content management systems make use of server side caching to improve performance. This works best when the WCMS is not changed often but visits happen on a regular basis.

Administration is typically done through browser-based interfaces, but several systems require the use of a fat client. Unlike Web-site builders, a WCMS allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training. A WCMS usually requires an experienced coder to set up and add features, but is principally a Web-site maintenance tool for non-technical administrators.

The CMS web application development services at Enigma addresses to individual website owners in need \of a customized content management solution for managing small or large projects as well as business entities and professional corporate users seeking a well-crafted solutions for managing content through intranet or extranet environment. We have been delivering scalable content-driven applications to our customers with comprehensive support and maintenance. Our core interest lies in helping you administer your content efficiently and cost-effectively.

We Develop CMS in various Platform as below:

  •   Asp.Net
  •   PHP
  •   Open Sources


The iPhone has been Apple's winning strategy in order to integrate enterprises into its domain by providing feature rich business applications on its mobile platform. You can easily hire iPhone developer to bring about more business specific applications that have been designed for your company requirements and can help in the automation of your core business functions. These applications are highly sought after by enterprises and our developers can create, deploy, customize and support a variety of applications depending on your needs and preferences.

Here are some of the integrated features that you can expect from our iPhone development team:

  •   Ability to create a diverse range of applications depending on business objectives
  •   Integration of business analytics to deliver applications best suited to your needs
  •   Enhanced authentication features and customization options for the applications
  •   Integration of latest SDK and multiple technologies for result oriented outcomes
  •   Complete compatibility with hardware restrictions and iOS versions

You can take the help of our developers to create different applications ranging from system productivity and business integration to social media and gaming. We can help you deliver upon your concepts by creating a fully scalable and independent application for your needs. We specialize in iPhone development and you can see the enhanced results once you hire iPhone developer for your business projects.


Android is the operating system which is spanning all across the world like forest fire. Android OS is based on the Linux kernel and is currently developed by Google. It is particularly designed for mobile phones having touchscreen such as smartphones and tablets. This is most widely used and implemented OS not only in cellphones but also in cars and Android TVs.

Taking into consideration such a huge popularity of Android, every company must have their Android products in the market so that it can have solid and permanent existence in the market. Enigma Websolution has a number of Android products in the market which are having great popularity among the users for Android mobile phones and not only in India but also across the whole globe. This has made us recognize ourselves not only among those companies who are developing good quality Android phone apps but also among those who want to excel and develop their career as an Android developer.


Among the different mobile OS types available in the market, there is still a strong demand to hire Windows Mobile developers because of its strong consumer base and possible upgrade strategies in the future. As a company, you can easily reach out to your clients through specific application development on the Windows Mobile platform. Our job is to provide you with the professionals with the best skills sets required to handle even the most complex of projects. Once your application is deployed, your business would already create a mark across the user community.

You can expect the following features to be integrated as part of the Windows Mobile development:

  •   Creation of business specific applications that can automate your core functions
  •   Complete compatibility with hardware vendors and the existing versions of Windows Mobile
  •   Stable and reliable applications that employ a high level of authentication based security
  •   Option for post deployment support, including debugging and maintenance issues
  •   Creation of the right distribution channels for the application to reach out to its target consumers

We have a team of dedicated developers who have highly polished skill sets and years of development experience on the Windows Mobile platform. They are extremely thorough with the architecture of the operating system and can help with the customization of your application up to a great detail. You can always call or mail us back with any queries that you might face so that it is resolved at the earliest. After you hire Windows Mobile developers, you can secure the mobile business strategy and have plenty of time to indulge in other business activities as we do everything on your behalf.

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